We are a family owned, family ran business. We have 3 grown daughters, who with our son in laws, have given us the best gift of all… 5 amazing grandkids. Together we brainstorm, renovate and build the venue to the best of our abilities to make it what we believe is perfect for those who are renting the place for the weekend.  We purchased the place in winter of 2017 and began renovation on the home as soon as the snow melted. We hosted 2 weddings in 2018 to get our feet wet and had the most amazing couples that helped us prepare the place and promote our business. Our first year hosting a season of weddings was in 2019. 

The land, (previously known as The Lavendar Farm), was a family home when we purchased it and we have quickly renovated every building to create our vision of a perfect place to host weddings/reunions/etc where family and friends can gather and spend time making memories for multiple days, and not just a few short hours. We absolutely LOVE the fact that we can offer the entire place to our guests to stay for the whole weekend; allowing time to decorate, celebrate, relax and really get in quality time with each and every person.  It’s an entirely different experience that still offers all the beauty a wedding offers, without the time crunch or stress of not getting time to see all the guests or of having to worry about people drinking and driving home since we have indoor lodging, camping and RV spots. Our goal is for our guests to know the place well enough by the time of their event that they feel that it is THEIR venue and when they leave, they will always carry a piece of it with them. 

Kids Area